Tuesday, 26 May 2015

#3Queens in Liverpool

Liverpool is no stranger to playing host to massive events and this weekend saw Cunard choose Liverpool to stage the Meeting of the 3 queens Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Elizabeth on the River Mersey for the first time to celebrate their 175th anniversary.

So naturally we couldn't not go and witness this from over the 'other' side of the Mersey. By the time we made it down there, the promenade was absolutely heaving but all the standing round was worth when the 3 Queens turned up and treated us to some river dancing, even the kids enjoyed it!

Have a look at some of our pictures and apologies for the quality they were all taken on my phone.

Did you manage to catch a glimpse of the 3 Queens this year? I would love to see your pictures and/or video's

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Trendy Tot Thursday 7/5/15

This week Olivia is having an extra 2 days off school thanks to the bank holiday and today's general election. On Monday I decided I needed a sofa day. Yep, that's correct I decided against going out and spending money I didn't have. Luckily the sun came out and Olivia was happy playing in the back garden with her cousin and her dolls before coming in to make pitta bread pizza's and a chocolate cake.

After an early morning shower we implemented a PJ day or Loungewear day I should say for Olivia. For her birthday I bought her the cutest Monster High PJ set. A complete impulse buy whilst browsing around Tesco. I knew she would love so I reluctantly coughed up £11! £11 for PJ's seriously! Usually I would wait for them to go in the sale and hope they would still have her size but as it was her birthday I thought why not and the baggy top and leggings style bottoms are perfect for those days when the only time you leave the sofa is to put the kettle on!

I was right and she loves the set thank god and I can encourage her to wear it as much as possible to get my moneys worth before she grows again!  I love the contrast of colours. The characters faces on the top in black and white with bits of colour for accessories on different faces. What's not to love about the pink bottoms with one of Monster High's sayings at the the bottom of one leg.

What's your outfit of choice for a lazy day around the house?

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Week 3: The Week it all went Wrong!

I am well into my third week using the Thinking Slimmer Slimpod and after two weeks of amazing results week three was/is turning out to be a complete disaster.


I am struggling to know just how or why it all went so wrong? So I will start where I think it went wrong....... one night, Thursday I think, I fell asleep. That was it. I fell asleep without listening to my chocpod. It didn't even register in my tired brain before I closed my eyes. Nothing, nada I just went to sleep.

Surely one night wouldn't do any harm would it? Possibly not but when I done it again a few nights later, Sunday, it was obvious I had slipped into old habits. I didn't notice at first, but sat here now thinking about the last few days diet wise, I can kind of see it. My will power crumbling, my stomach groaning from not only all the chocolate, but also the junk that followed too.

This got me thinking........ is the chocpod actually working or am I just thinking  it's working. Is it all down to me after all. Me wanting it to work I am actually controlling my will power and therefore diet all by myself? It's hard to know for sure, the cynic in me always questioning it, second guessing myself, the chocpod, my appetite for chocolate? Do I genuinely not want or crave the stuff or am I just getting better at refusing myself to over indulge?

One thing I do know for sure is that whatever is happening, my chocpod is helping me to regain the much needed control and restraint where chocolate is concerned and for now that is enough for me to know and I will be even more concious of making sure I absolutely do not miss it out again before I go to sleep and hopefully I can get back on track quickly, here's hoping anyway!

If you would like to follow my journey with the Slimpod you can read my week one and week two posts and hopefully week four will be a much better week, fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Me and my Slimpod #Week2

Last week I wrote about my first impressions of Thinking Slimmer's Chocoholic Cure Slimpod. It's safe to say I was impressed. Although only small there was already improvement in my attitude towards chocolate.


I have continued to carry on listening to my chocpod every night just as I am going to sleep, most nights I am asleep before it even finishes. To be honest I have even shocked myself that I actually remember to listen to it, last night my phone had died and an attack of guilt made me download it to my laptop so I could listen to it.


There has been a distinct lack of chocolate in my life this week. Now don't get me wrong I have actually had chocolate almost every day but........ not for breakfast, also not on my break at work and most importantly not in the quantity I did pre-chocpod.


Now I have noticed a massive reduction in my chocolate cravings but also also in my actual food choices ie swapping ready made sandwiches, fizzy pop, chocolate, crisps etc in work to healthier choices like homemade sandwiches, fruit and water but......... I have had the worst cravings for salty foods. Seriously, for about 3-4 days I was gorging on bacon butties, and ready salted crisps. I was genuinely worried that I was swapping one food craving for another and that couldn't be healthy could it? Luckily the cravings wore off after a few days but it did get me thinking would this/could this actually happen? I hope not and looking back now I doubt it, maybe it was my body's way of starting to tackle the chocolate addiction (yes I do mean addiction) but whatever it was it wasn't permanent.

I haven't weighed myself or measured so I can't comment on whether or not it has actually helped me to lose weight but regardless so far I am loving the changes it is helping me to make on a daily basis, being able to think more clearly when it comes making wiser food choices and hopefully this will show soon in some measurable results.

Now if only there was a slimpod that could make me want to do housework that would be impressive!

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Monday, 27 April 2015

Sugar Craft Club

Before the Easter Holidays Olivia's school decided to run a new after school club, one which Olivia jumped at and had us signed up to before even leaving the school with the letter on the same day she got it! The club was called 'Sugar Craft Club'

Olivia has never shown an interest in this before especially as she doesn't like any kind of icing or toppings, no jam or cream on her cake nothing, nada, zilch. Plain and boring all the way so you can say I was a little bit confused as to why she was so excited to sign up.

The big difference about this class was that parents have to tag along too, yay, a chance to show my complete lack of creativity to other mums at the school I couldn't wait (please add as much sarcasm as you want to that, it was written with pure sarcasm!) Now it is safe to say I'm not the most crafty, creative of mum's but if my child wants me to tag along with and cramp her style then who am I to say no to being an embarrassing mum!

As I was off work today I really had no excuse not to go and you know what I actually enjoyed it! Yes really, it was actually quite easy and we all had a good laugh at our lack of creative skills. My sister  also tagged along with her daughter and will be taking over my place also when I am in work and we had a good time learning how make little red riding hoods face on a cupcake out of icing. At first I was like woah, I though this was a beginners class?!?! But after the hour was up I was ready to take the main man Cake Boss himself Buddy Valastro oh yes, cake decorator extraordinare, next great baker here I come people!

So what do you think? I was actually quite impressed with myself you know I didn't think I had it in me,but Olivia's well what can I say it is just fab isn't it! Such a great idea for an after school club and a lovely way to enjoy more activities together that we may of not otherwise have done!

What after school clubs do your little ones do? What things do you enjoy to do with your kids and do you have any ideas for things for us to try?