Saturday, 29 August 2015

Olivia's Summer Round Up

One of the things Olivia loves about the summer holidays, apart from the obvious no school issue, is getting to choose her own clothes and being the girly girl she is of course it was all about the dresses.

Working full time I haven't managed to to get out and about much with Olivia, a holiday at Pontins, day out at Farmer Teds and countless days in the park and on the prom we are lucky to live within walking distance from. I have chosen a few of my favourite outfits from the past 6 weeks I just wish she was old enough to iron them all herself................

Looking back at some of these pictures it feels like they were taken so long ago, this years summer seems to have totally flown by and we are now ready to say goodbye to August!

Here's hoping that the sun continues for a little while longer before we start looking for some fun winter dresses and tight combo's.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Acheiving my To-Do List

So the other day I published my to-do list. You can see the full post here. I am finally ready to get out of my rut and after having finally given myself a swift kick up the butt I am ready to start making some changes and hopefully this is how I am going to achieve ultimate happiness (Disclaimer: I do not know what is ultimate happiness but I'm thinking being able to eat as much as possible without putting wait on and being waited on hand and foot by Channing Tatum has to be pretty damn close!) anywhoo this is how my list looked.

  1. Spend less time online: Competitions are not the be all and end all no siree! Yes it's nice winning free stuff but at the expense of quality time with Olivia, well no I will be making a concious effort to not spend so much time online (that also includes playing online bingo sorry Jackpot Joy!)
  2. Do more activities with Olivia: Well following on from number one, means I need to get involved a bit more. Organise my time better so I don't need to do other stuff when I have time to spend with her ie, when I'm not working my time is hers. When she is asleep/in school then I will prioritise everything else.
  3. Spring clean: What can I say?!?! I am going to draw a list up of the offending area(s) yes, plural and make sure they are sorted and most probably binned. Heck I have been here for a while I have accumulated lots of crap over the years!
  4. Redecorate: As above, I have been in this house for nearly 4 years now so look out for lots of posts whilst I decide on new colour schemes for pretty much every room in the house (p.s. Olivia's is already well under way)
  5. Read More: I have recently got rid of my Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts and I have lots of new books I have had for ages that I need to read.
  6. Cook More: Now this is a biggie. Before I went back to work full time I used to cook some lovely healthy meals. My slow cooker was loved and we ate copious amounts of vegetables. These days he only vegetable I see is the carrots in the Chicken satay from the chippy.! So starting this week I am doing some meal plans and reintroducing proper food into my diet. 
  7. Eat less takeaways: Pretty self explanatory here can be easily achieved by doing the above point!
  8. Blog more: already on this as you can see. I am going to try to post at least once a week which is progress on once every 3 months.
  9. Exercise at least 3 times a week: This may be hard as I have no will power but Olivia is going to do it with me (we started today!) especially as she needs to work on some exercises and co-ordination for gymnastics, she takes after me here!
  10. Smile more: These days I seem to have adopted the resting b**ch face look (a permanent scowl) but by trying to do the above this may all change!

I will be trying to blog about my progress fairly regularly. Maybe once a week or fortnight, once a week maybe too much pressure.  so I will see how it goes. Keep an eye for any future updates or feel free to leave me some tips/recipies etc in the comments thanks.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Returning To Life

It's been a while since I have felt on top of things. I got caught up in the cycle of being too tired to do anything and I mean anything. My house was starting to look like I was competing for Britain's Worst Hoarder! No joke. 'I'm too tired' I would say. 'I'll do it tomorrow' Tomorrow became next week. Next week became next month. When does it all stop? When is enough actually enough? Who knows?

I retreated inwards, became my own world just me and her. The two of us against the world. Sitting in a mess of our creation like all was well in the world and this was how everyone kept house. It's so easy to get lost in that world. To pretend it didn't matter to come to love the wallowing and the perfect me shaped hole forming around you on the sofa isn't it. To lose your mojo, your  get up and go and not be a teensy bit bothered about if it was ever coming back.

And that's how we stayed. Day in day out. Days, turning into nights blurred into each other lost in the back drop to yet another Netflix boxset. This is life, this is my life and life can't be changed can it? I can't I told myself I just can't things are just fine.

"Ah, I see just fine are they. Yes, yes I get it now but.........surely there is are better things to be than fine"

The cycle kept spinning unable, unsure of how to break it I continued to let spin me around in it's safe cocoon of denial and chaos. Sofa getting comfier, the real world fading into the distance, human contact achieved only during working hours and a child neglected of any real quality time with a parent who was simply "too tired" to put things right. But surely she deserves better doesn't she.

She deserves more than just getting on in life. To know more than well, this is it honey this is the world. She needs a good example. A positive role model and to experience the world, not through a screen but for real in real life. With her eyes, her hands, her body her whole life to be cherished and explored as she to explores the whole wide world around her.

So we got up. We cleaned up. And put an action plan in place that would help me, us to regain control of our lives. To live them as they were intended to the fullest. A child like innocence took over and all manner of fun things to do where created. But baby steps where needed first. Slow small steps so as not to overwhelm to but enjoy and saviour and prepare for life itself.

I felt stronger, calmer, happier dare I say but then Rome wasn't build in a day and nor could I fix it all at once. But I was am getting there slowly one small step at a time and each step is surely regaining it's bounce.

*This is a short story based on real life experiences about how slowly one day at a time I am finally learning to relive my life*

Prose for Thought

Friday, 21 August 2015

Getting Organised

Hello *waves*,

How are you all? Firstly if anyone is still reading much appreciated thank you.

I've been letting things slide recently and not just blogging, I mean everything! Work just seems to be taking over every aspect of my life and the scales are definitely weighing more heavily on the work side of the work/life balance. And everything just feels so, well, bleurgh you know what I mean? Like some mid 30's groundhog day and I am Bill Murray's character.

Eat, sleep, work, repeat..............

So I decided it's time for a change, a complete life overhaul if you will and I will be so happy if you all stick around while I try to attempt to make some big changes in my work and home life.

So, whatcha thinking.........achievable? Yes? No?

Feel free to leave me some handy tips, advice or kindly words of encouragement.  

Thursday, 28 May 2015

#OOTW Olivia's non uniform day

This week we are on half term and Olivia's school had a non uniform day on Friday for the last day of term (and as an excuse to make us all chip in for the summer fayre next weekend!

Olivia loves her character clothing but I am a little more picky over it now she is getting older, certain things aren't meant for kids over a certain age especially as now she is in age 11-12 mostly. As suspected she chose to wear her new My Little Pony jumper I picked up in the sale at Asda for £4 again age 11-12 and as it was quite cool she paired it with some black leggings and a black vest top from Primark both age 11-12 and only £2 for leggings I think and £1.50 for vest can't really argue with those prices can you!

The boots to are Primark and cost £8 in size 3 bought in November I think and have lasted her really well, a nice comfy outfit for a day in school don't you think?

How fab are the wings on the back of the jumper! Kinda want this top for myself but shh don't tell Olivia!