Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Dresses Are Out!

What lovely weather we have had this week! Really good timing as well as over the weekend we had 2 birthdays to celebrate. My mums on Saturday, when I caught myself a wonky looking tan/sunburn attempt on my upper arms, and Monday saw my youngest niece turn 2 and the sun again came out meaning she could play with all of her new toys in the garden.

This was the perfect excuse for Olivia to whip out her new summer dresses, she just loves being able to put a dress on, a real girly girl she is.

The dress of choice for my mum's birthday was one she got for her birthday from my mum. I don't know about you but in our family we stick to certain types of clothes and this dress had Olivia written all over it.

The dress is from Primark, bloody love that place we do for kids clothes we do, age 11-12. I just love the pastel peachy colour of it, Olivia calls it her 'cowgirl' dress and the little cutie on the swing was my niece who was 2 on Monday in a little red romper in 8-24 months I think and from Asda possibly most of her clothes are.

What have your little ones been wearing in the sun this week?

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

After The Review Is Posted

I often read reviews in blogs and whilst the majority love reviewing and have favourable reviews for a whole host of products I often wonder do the bloggers ever actually carry on using the products they were sent to review after the review is over and done with? Or is it forgotten about as soon as it was written about?

I have myself been lucky enough to review products for this purpose or that I have bought myself, mainly blogging about the latter these days.

In September I was lucky enough to receive a hamper full of goodies from the people at Surcare. Surcare specialise in laundry products with no nasties that claim to work just as well as leading brands but are suitable for the most sensitive of skins.

I fall into that category and for most of my life I have shied away from using fabric conditioners due to allergic reactions. But I was pleased to announce in this post that Surcare had changed all that and I am now able to use fabric conditioner, small things make me happy incase you hadn't noticed!

I actually still use Surcare products. I haven't used anything else since the review and doubt I will to be honest. I thought it would be nice for you to see that bloggers do actually use the products we are sent to review after the post is done and our reviews are actually genuine.

Do you ever purchase products based on a review you have read on a blog? I know I have and probably will continue to do so.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Slimpod Journey

Recently I was lucky enough to win myself a Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer.  I have been wanting one of these for ages but have been umming ahhing about actually making the jump and purchasing one so you can imagine how excited I was to see this tweet:
The winner of the ChocPod is .
Woop Woop! It couldn't of come at more perfect time, to say I need this is a massive understatement. I have tried so many diets, so many different ways of  trying (and failing) to lose and keep off the weight but the chocoholic inside always wins in the end and I'm not exactly known for my willpower......

What's so different about a Slimpod then?

Rather than focussing on what you eat, Thinking Slimmer focus on why you eat what you do. A Slimpod is a recording using cognitive hypnotherapy in which you hear things that will help you to change your eating habits. Was I ready for this? You bet I was!

I received my mp3 download via email, also available on a disc, with the instructions to listen to the intro once, then the chocpod as I am going to sleep every night.

1 Week in: Verdict so far:

It 's said that it takes about 28 days on average to form new habits so it is recommended you listen every night for at least this period of time to see noticeable changes and currently I am just under a week in.

Yesterday I bought a large bar of Galaxy salted caramel. I then forgot I had bought it. Later on at my niece's second birthday I stopped at one slice of the most delicious profiterole cake. This morning I got up at te ungodly hour of 6am and found the afore mentioned Galaxy bar and yes, I am one of those people who can and will eat chocolate as soon as I open my eyes. And I did but............. I stopped at half a bar, not the whole thing as I may of usually done, ok probably would of done.

So far, I am actually impressed. If it can make a difference this quick I can't wait to see what it can do after 21 days. I mean I am the ultimate chocoholic and I need something drastic to help me change this so here's hoping the chocpod is exactly that!

If you would like to take a look and see if a Slimpod could work for you head over to Thinking Slimmer and have a little look.

Pop back next week for to see how I'm getting on in week 2!

*Disclaimer* I won the Slimpod in a blog competition and wasn't asked or reimbursed for blogging about my experience with it*
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Sunday, 19 April 2015

How my 'weird' child makes me so proud!

These days there is an abundance of technology going around. There is literally an app for everything, well unless you have a good old blackberry like me in which case you are lucky to get an up to date banking app!

Increasingly more and more apps, and gadgets are being aimed at young children, my niece is a pro at finding her way round you tube on her mums brand new galaxy s5 and she is literally not yet 2! More and more parents are using mobile phones, tablets and the like to entertain and educate from a young age.

Children and adults alike have so much information and technology at their fingertips it would be a waste not to make the most of it from an early age, Olivia made me a 'Happy Birthday Olivia' powerpoint presentation on my laptop.... I didn't even know I had that on there!

This is an important skill in this day and age but being the old fashioned person that I am I can't help but wonder if this is healthy. Is technology changing childhood altogether? Gone are day of going and playing in the street with your friends till mum shouts you in for dinner/bed/bath. now children socialise without actually having to physically see or speak to another person, be it facebook, twitter, snapchat, whatsapp etc....... 

Recently someone made a comment about my daughter and how she plays. Plays as in with toys, dolls and the like. Real life ones not one you dress up on an app. Apparently it is weird! It is weird that as a n only child my daughter has learnt to develop her imagination to be able to play for hours inventing stories and scenarios and adventures for her dolls. Weird that she actually plays with actual toys and I do in fact limit her time spent in front of a screen. 

I am proud that my daughter is able to do this. I am proud that not only does she know her way around the latest technology but also her own brain. Proud of the fact that yes she knows how to use her ipad, ipod and my laptop and kindle easily and expertly whilst also loving playing with all of her dolls, each and everyone named with their own life story (Cinderella is currently on honeymoon with harry styles I kid you not!) Proud of the fact that one day she will be able to merge these skills together to help her for a future career whatever that may be (currently a baker). Most importantly I am proud that this weird child is actually mine.

What do you think or technology and young children? Healthy and welcome addition or unnecessary?  

Super Busy Mum

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

*Review* Superdrug B. Foundation and Primer

Recently I posted about the stress of choosing a new foundation due to my *crappy* skin (and love of all things Superdrug related) and low and behold I actually found one feel free to read this post. I wasn't convinced I would ever find a foundation to work for my skin but a lovely lady helped me out and all was right with the world, well the world of the frazzled mum anyway!

I ended up purchasing B. Youthful Anti Ageing Foundation in Rose Ivory and the B.Prepared Illuminating Makeup Primer. Now normally I wouldn't of purchased this range due to the price, I'm more MUA than MAC (read total cheapskate) but a buy one get one half price deal swayed me a lot!

Back to the subject, how I am getting on, 2 weeks later with these products? I will start with the primer.

The B.Prepared primer has a lovely creamy consistency and I love that you can see the highlighter before and after you put it on, it give a really healthy glow to my skin and a lovely base to put my foundation onto. I love it and this product will be a permanent addition to my make up collection for the foreseeable future!

B.Youthful Anti Ageing Foundation Shade 020 Rose Ivory. I was very weary at first over this foundation as it isn't a shade I would of normally picked for fear of making me looked washed out.

The foundation also has SPF 15 which again is something I never usually look for in a foundation but gets a thumbs up from me and claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by up to 18% in four weeks. Now I can't comment on this as I haven't been using it that long but I do appear to look like I have slightly smoother skin around the eye area when I put it on.

Now I do apologise for the pictures I hope you can see the difference I wanted to get the best shot of my skin in its natural state and after application but after trying the light all over my house these were the best I could get especially as I take awful selfies (cringing as I look at these) and my glassy look in my eyes is due to a reaction to a moisturiser I had put on and had to take off the day before!

The consistency for me is slightly thicker than I would of preferred due to my dry skin so I mix it with either a bit of primer or moisturiser before applying. But the colour is perfect. It matches my skin tone perfectly, well I think it does, and blends in really well with fingers which is great as I don't use brushes or sponges as sometimes this can accentuate my dry patches.

The foundation gives medium coverage which is great for day time wear and it does even out my skin tone and gives decent but not full coverage on my rosy cheeks, but is build-able for more coverage for nights out and special occasions (not something I do often either) For me though, I stick to just one application as the product seems to be settling on my drier areas and more layers accentuates the problem unfortunately which is a shame as I love this foundation.

How do I rate these products?

B.Prepared Primer: I love this product and will be continuing to use it 10/10

B.Youthful Anti Ageing Foundation: I love the shade and coverage but it doesn't sit well on the drier areas of my face 8/10

Have you tried these products before? What do you think of them? Do you have any tips for foundations for me to try at all?  Again apologies for the cringy selfies!

*Disclaimer*  I purchased these products myself and wasn't asked to do this review nor was I reimbursed for doing so.

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