Monday, 28 July 2014


Previously I have written about how I am dealing with some noise issues with my neighbour. Having been in touch with my local council and my housing association I have been hoping for some sort of resolution sooner rather than later, I now know it was maybe a little foolish and immature of me. Silly to think that a few phone calls and letters. Me jotting down dates and times of all disturbances as they all told me too. Taking videos was all for nothing too.

An appointment was made, I was at work and they property in question was visited to get their side and for them to discuss how they can be better neighbours. I eagerly awaited a favourable outcome, maybe I had built it up a bit too much, but when I finally spoke to the person handling my complaint a few days later, boy was I in for a bit of a shock!

It turns out that they are an upstanding, well liked part of the community who absolutely does not understand my complaints. Totally oblivious to why I could possibly be complaining. I men, as he works all week (hogwash) he is entitled to play his music to relax of a weekend yes? He denies full responsibility for any'all late night door slamming and banging around the house. To quote
"We don't want any of this trouble we don't know what her problem is with us"
Well, the feeling is 100% mutual but my favourite part was his answer to pushing Olivia out of the way at the gate? She wasn't there in his way and he was confused about which gate to use as he felt intimidated by everyone crowding at the gates. We were mums on the school run, not completely unreasonable. A simple excuse me would of done the trick and said parents would of moved out of the way. Instead he chose to push past through my gate and the turn his 6 and a half foot built frame towards my sister and her 15 month old daughter and square up to her like he was ready to thrown down in a full on fist fight! Completely innocent there for sure! So needless to say my complaints aren't going to be followed up and I am now left completely exasperated and at a loss over what to do now! Feeling like it's a case of put up and shut up now as apparently regardless of my complaint the fact that they are an elderly couple is going to win out every damn time.

So I have chosen to upload the videos to you tube as a way of making sure they don't delete from my phone, as it has a habit of doing, and let you decide for yourself if I am indeed making it all up or just being really bitchy over insignificant things.

I would love you to pop over to my you tube account and let me know what you think. Below will be last nights noise. As I was falling asleep around quarter to 12 last night I heard a noise that genuinely made me think someone had (again) tried to get through my back door in the kitchen. So I got up and realised that it was them putting the dog out before bed! Enjoy.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Our Giant Day Out!

Last week I wrote about really wanting to go to Liverpool to see the new Giant Spectacular event that was coming back to town. I visited a couple of years back for the Sea Odyssey event to commemorate 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic. This years tells the stories of WW1 as August also sees the 100 year anniversary since the start of WW1.

There were whole day events planned for the whole of Liverpool for Friday and Saturday but as I was in work I couldn't visit until today. There was all kinds of fun featuring the Little Girl Giant and her dog XOLO, along with Grandmother Giant and I have to say I'm kinda gutted I missed it all. But we did make it over today to wave them all back off on their journey.

Liverpool was absolutely chock-a-block full of people the same as last time. There was a reported 800,000 extra people in Liverpool last time and this years possibly attracted even more. That said it made it very difficult to find a good place to watch the extravaganza as people were lining the streets in droves. 5 deep at the barriers, everyone clamouring to get the best view, pictures and videos to record and treasure this event once more. This made it all the more awkward as my sister and I had 3 kids with us we wanted to see yet also let them see too. With so many people in the same place it was quite hard to see so it meant the 2 of us picking all the girls up one by one so they could see. Also on this note all pictures and videos were taken by the kids whist we had hold of them so please excuse the quality and shakiness, especially as Olivia is not far off the same height as me and is kinda too big for me to be picking up! So I hoisted her up and she sat on my chest with my face squished into her backside so she could everything that was going on. And she loved it! Even though it as over in mere minutes from where we were standing. Totally worth getting squashed and pushed and shoved from all angles by people all wanting to catch a glimpse for themselves.

We did head over to the Pier Head to wave them off but after waiting for over half an hour we saw absolutely nothing as they, made their final journey out of Liverpool. So we made our way back into town and on our way home.

We love the Giants and will definitely being going back to see them next time they visit us. I think it's amazing to watch and see how they bring the giant marionettes to life to put on a show of this magnitude around a whole city. Thanks guys and we hope to see you again soon!

Did you manage to catch any of this weeks events? I would love to see your pictures or video's too let me know :) 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Trendy Tot Thursday: Week 3

This week I am linking up again with Clearly Bex for another Trendy Tot Thursday. As Olivia is such a little poser this is the perfect  link up for her.

Currently she is really into her girly dresses, last weeks outfit was one of my favourite dresses on her and this week is the same. As soon as I seen this dress I had to have it for her whether she liked it or not! The colours are beautiful so light and fresh and summery I would of had one if it came in my size too! We both have a thing for maxi dresses of late.

So about the dress, it is from Primark and was only £8! £8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously it was such a bargain. She has it in size 11-12 so currently it still trails on the floor a little bit but she does wear it with wedges, at  8 years old! god help me when hits the teenage years is all I can say.

There are little beads on the strap and a matching belt too. I just really love these colours and she says it makes her feel like a princess what more could you want. She has styled it with a hair band she got for her birthday and a loom band (damn things make an appearance everywhere).

So there we go this weeks outfit! What do you think?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

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I know it may not seem a lot but I would like to say thank you to everyone who has visited my blog over the past 6ish months.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Warning: Do you use Sun cream?

So, yesterday I went for a day in out in one of our local parks with Olivia and one of my sisters, her 2 kids and one of our friends and her son. The park over looks the River Mersey and for years and years and years and years (honest!) it has played host to a summertime show called Joytime! I used to take part when I was Olivia's age and it is still going strong all these years later!

We took a picnic with us and before we left we covered the kids in suncream as it was looking to be one of the hottest days of the year but......... I don't need sun cream, I mean its England it doesn't really get that hot for me to need it does it! And off we went.

Whilst we ate, we being the grown ups, the trio went off to play as they weren't really in the mood for eating, and we entertained my 10 month old nephew. Before heading to watch the show we again covered them all in factor 50+ but not ourselves regardless of the fact that we were all out in the midday sun!

About half an hour later I started to feel the burn! And boy was I burning, I was sizzling like bacon! So then, and only then did I decide to put sun cream on, because obviously that is the correct time to be putting sun cream on isn't it!

We did keep applying to myself and the kids for the rest of the afternoon but seriously it was an absolute scorcher of a day and at one point we had to put Olivia in the UV tent we had for the baby she's not a sun kinda person at all.

Fast forward to today and boy am I sore but worse is Olivia! After being caked in 50+ she still got burnt and now has tan lines around the straps of her dress.

Cooked like chicken! I am in agony, Olivia isn't quite as red as you can see but she has definitely tanned and will be covering up today! Me however, I will learning my lesson and  using sun cream every time I am out in the sun from now on, well as soon as this burning dies down anyway!

Soooo, what have I learnt!

  1. Sun protection is not just for children!
  2. This country gets hotter than we I realise.
  3. I really need to stop cooking myself to a crisp because it bloomin' well hurts like a ........
Do you do the same as me or do you religiously use sun cream every time you step outside?